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A big collection ofgemstonesymbolic meaning

1. Moissanite meaning - loyalty, long-lasting Best for lover who wants to hold hands for a lifetime. The biggest meaning of moissanite is not its light and shine, but the vow of love hidden behind it. When he personally puts on your hand a diamond ring that represents eternity, it is a promise of your life. The ancient Greeks believed that moissanite was a fallen star shard, with the mystery and nobleness of the sky; others thought that the Moissanite was the tear of the gods, pure and innocent. wholesale moissanite gemstone is a symbol of pure love, a strong and hard representative and a mark of infinite wealth.

2. Gold - trust Gold means that both husband and wife trust each other, and love is stronger than Jin Jian. The luster and atmosphere of gold have always symbolized a convincing jewel of power. No matter what difficulties are encountered, both sides should trust each other and support each other. With a golden attitude, they must adhere to the belief of love. Because of this, Chinese traditional wedding brides and grooms will wear gold jewelry.

3. Platinum - pure Platinum is the most representative of the eternal pure jewelry, it is rare, pure, hard, like two people's love, as people describe and expect love, so platinum plays an indispensable role in love.

4. Silverware - simple love Silver ornaments support a simple love. It is the spiritual enjoyment of honor and shame. It does not care about the pursuit of expensive luxury. It only lies in the experience of the mind. Like loving each other, enjoy every moment with him .

5. Pearls - Take care of each other Pearls mean beauty, happiness, and health, and it is best to give them to their wives. When love has gradually retired from the mad passion of youth, and the lightness of the clouds, just like this grainy and moist beads, it is a precious accumulation after years of baptism, and it is hard to come by. All waiting is worthwhile, and finally love will turn into a more solid crystal, like a noble and warm pearl. Pearl not only nourishes your looks, but also nourishes your perfect love. The international gem world also listed pearls as the lucky stone of the birth of June, the memorial stone of the thirteenth anniversary and the 30th anniversary of marriage.

6. White Crystal - pure love The crystal of white crystal is crystal clear, pure and pure, symbolizing pure love, and is most suitable for first love lovers. And among all the crystals, white crystal is the most widely used, most functional, and most popular crystal. Its physiological function is to help memory, promote concentration, absorb electromagnetic waves, reduce radiation, improve feng shui and so on.

7. Pink Crystal - charming The crystal crystal name of Furong Stone, which exudes a gentle and attractive pink light, is loved by people. Pink is the color of the love god Venus limited time, can promote the opposite sex, recruit peach blossom, powder crystal wear left hand can soften their temperament, wearing the right hand can enhance their attraction to the outside synthetic gemstones wholesale.

8. Red tourmaline - love Giving red tourmalines to women, meaning to praise each other, express love, capture the atrium; and red tourmaline also symbolizes the strong friendship between husband and wife, so the ancients have the theory of Wangfu. For those who often need to deal with the public or work, Hong Biyu represents personal charisma and leadership traits, attracting more people and gaining people's support. In addition, red tourmaline has the effect of beauty and beauty, or a beautiful symbol.

9. Ruby - eternal love In the traditional sense, ruby represents enthusiasm and love, so ruby also has the name of "stone of love". In Europe, the wedding of the royal family still uses ruby as a witness of marriage. In the international gem market, the bright red ruby is called “male ruby” and the light red is called “female ruby”. When a man has a ruby, he can grasp the power of dreams. If a woman has a ruby, he can get the love that will last forever.

10. Emerald - happiness The emerald gemstone, symbolizing the stone of happiness, is the birthstone of May, and is a Wholesale gemstone supplier china gift given on the 55th anniversary of marriage. Emerald is the king of green gemstones. It is energy-rich and enhances self-confidence. It relieves stress and helps longevity. According to the Old Testament, Christians believe that the resurrection of Jesus is related to emeralds. It is a symbol of re-emergence and has a divine power. A big collection of gemstone symbolic meaning.

Valuable cubic zirconia

CZ called cubic zirconia. The CZ is artificial. It was invented by former Soviet aerospace experts. It is precisely because the nature of zircon is very close to the nature of natural diamonds. Therefore, it is still often used to replace natural diamonds in the Wholesale gemstone supplier. Zircon, alias “CZ drill”, or “Soviet drill”, has a birefringence and high dispersion that natural diamonds don’t have, so zircon looks more like a natural diamond, and it can be used under sunlight and light. It has the same diamond luster as diamond, with a hardness of 8.5-9, which is equivalent to the hardness of natural red sapphire.

It is a Synthetic Gemstone, a silicate mineral, which is the main ore for the extraction of metallic zirconium. Zircon is widely found in acidic igneous rocks and is also produced in metamorphic rocks and other sediments. Zircon is chemically stable, so gem-grade zircon can also be found in the gravel of rivers. There are many kinds of zircons, and different zircons will have different colors, such as black, white, orange, brown, green or colorless and transparent. The cut gem-quality zircon is much like a diamond.

Zircon has also been called zircon in the past. The chemical properties of CZ artificial zircon are very stable, so gem-grade zircon can also be seen in the gravel of rivers. There are many kinds of artificial zircons, and different artificial zircons will have different colors, such as red, yellow, orange, brown, green or colorless and transparent.

Artificial zircons of various colors have appeared on the market, and are collectively referred to as color Moissanite original gemstone in the industry. The production of color zirconium is as long as a variety of different coloring agents are added to the original raw materials. However, the production of black cubic zirconia is not obtained by adding a coloring agent, but by reducing the white zirconium under normal conditions to 2000 C for reduction treatment.