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Vídeos de Filipa Silva
N-Dubz ft. Mr Hudson - Playing With Fire (Official Video with Lyrics)
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The brand new single form N-Dubz is Playing With Fire and features the brilliant Mr Hudson. Playing With Fire is taken from the new album from N-Dubz 'Against All Odds' which is available to buy now: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/against-all-odds/id338281559 Lyrics: I don't slip or trip when she asks me where I've been (Where you been?) One big smile on my face d-d-darling it's just you and me (you and me) Now I'm on some Alfie behaviour, I'll call you back later Too many fish in the sea for me But when the lights come on and what's her name is gone I realise where I'm supposed to be I tried to believe every word of your sweet story But intuition keeps telling me Your making a fool outta me 'Cos I'm such a good liar Just admit it I never did it Yes you did No I didn't I'm playing with fire Just admit it I never did it I know you did it No I didn't (yes you did) 'Cos I'm such a good liar (Mr Hudson Ad-Lib) I can't help mysel

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