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The devil fiction


Passions and frustrations wrapped in the same box of illusions and my invisible mind tortured by pictures and desires. I am living daily under an uncertain future and the enigmatic mirror always telling me about fictions and the mysterious coffin and there are regrets scaring my thoughts and psych imaginations become dissolved in the emptiness of a void conscience and nothing else than a nonexistent reality, cruel facts?. Questions that change in the continuity of my human metamorphose and nervous exploding and it is just another nightmare, how to be always happy? meditations and practice? each individual follows its own uniqueness and I very often ask how to be pure? what is purity? doubts and explanations that does not justify my perfect genius and so am I part of an universe mythological?.

I am not able to count each day of my existence and I do not know what make me alive, maybe the brain? how could I enjoy feelings without my negative side? are the bad and good feelings created by mental disorder? sometimes my sub conscience is not responding to my hypnotic state and am I denying my the past?. During my most precious moments I am dealing with my intigrated intellect and I am asking if there is recognition of my terrestrial hard work because I want to achieve the bliss of my existence, am I really an animal? do you think so? is my earthly body missing the tails and wings? Am I organic matter or biological experiment? how to become free of preoccupations? what about all possibilities? should I really relay on senseless religions? Spending in vain prayers and false illusions? and what is technology? is the corporeal body cosmically energy? many myriads of puzzles and indeed many dreams and why I have to prove that my ideas is totally corrected, so I become tired of describing a mortal existence and every creature has its own manner of believing and denying what is life and so by logic I think that I was trapped by trusting in the books and now I am facing my proper fate and frustrations almost took my mind to the orgy of psych disturbance and the music help me to become more realistic about harmony. Incapable of describing the emanation of pure spirit I am finishing my ideas and closing my intrigued analyze of passions and I know it is better to enjoy living one day at the time and so I am going to put my imaginations to function linked to my free will and I must continue my path to the infinite of my own self.


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