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GGDB Sneakers Sale in their ground


So impactful was this GGDB Sneakerscombination of lighting and color that Alas and Piggott imitated it GGDB Sneakers Sale in their ground-breaking "City Slickers" spread for W magazine in August of 2006. Their appropriation of Bourdins style, and his penchant for latex bondage leggings was the most exciting thing that year (and gave us the shiny legging trend, which was first seen in Bourdins disco era).

Excerpted from www.modelsblog.infoVictorias Secret lingerie model Karolina Kurkova plays Covergirl in Paramount Pictures’ G.I.Joe movie but her costume couldn’t be less covergirl-ish.Promotional photos show Victoria’s Secret angel dressed in ugly grey army fatigues just when did authenticity get a role in action fantasy with a lingerie model?No wonder some disappointment has been expressed by the boy-bloggers and fans of G.I.Joe.It appears that another concern is that the casting of Dennis Quaid and the rubber outfits are signs that the movie will turn out a GGDB Sale little camp.But Ray Park, who played Darth Maul in Phantom Menace, does play Snake Eyes.Paramount released a few photos of cast in black rubber costumes a while back, which met with cool-to-disappointed responses from online G.I.Joe fans.The latest photos were of Sienna Miller on set in her black rubber suit.There’s not a lot of compliments in the online community of potential theatre-goers.Not that Paramount will be worried about one flop next year. As Variety’s Anne Thompson reports in her blog, the studio raked in $1 billion on the back of a year of blockbusters including: Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda, Iron Man, and the No Country For Old Men, which won an Oscar for Best Film.






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