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Summer flower girl Mansi are girls heart


The pure color and the printing, almost occupies the clothing dress all. We can not compare the end of love is more pure color, or is keen on the complexity of printing. Fashion urge both of us to find the right to their own wonderful. and printing, the most suitable expression do not want to give up the girl's heart.

01 girls like to be alone, but also like a group of people lively. But the choice to wear clothes on the printing, still feel just right. Fresh green department, striped playful break the low profile of the neck, five-point sleeve printing seems to be equal to the scenery of the summer, flower girls do not need too much flowers.

02 always unconsciously embroidered and as part of the printing, perhaps because the two reached the height of almost, in the machine Age, less manual temperature, so that people have to pay attention to the posture of the flower Show. National wind-blown T-shirts, every detail is perfect.

03 Three-dimensional flower and plane printing, as if to see the beautiful shadow floating. In this way to show the flowers, only to seek the same likeness, but rarely to achieve a vivid. But can let the color present the different nimble, the simple T-shirt instantaneous has the not simple connotation.

04 Every girl's heart is a small floral existence. Fresh and elegant, is the natural posture of flowers, but also the color of the appropriate performance. Ordinary wood ears and ordinary chiffon shirt, how to make people feel normal, but this ordinary but let a person feel so peace of mind, even the tender also became well-deserved.

05 want temperament, you can move some hands and feet on the printing, color to become more stylish and more temperament. For example, fusion this year's popular smoke blue, and then turn the tone a little darker, so that the floral looks less bright. Just a white bag skirt, you can be in the workplace and retreat.

06 people prefer the gorgeous printing, some people like the pure color clean, but most will not refuse to print and pure color intersection come out pretty. Shallow pink, a little sweet taste, but more to show confidence. The freshness and color of the printing of romantic, even can make the dress elegant.

07 If you must mark the color of the season, then summer must choose the blue-green system as a representative. Printing is not how much, just to be able to make the color of the prosperous and elegant, the more the style of simple skirt, the more the need for the season of printing, to let the girl heart with the wind flying.

08 Sweet Department of small freshness, not only the small flying sleeve of the romantic, also not only V-collar on the clavicle, the emphasis, can let a person remember most of the visual impact of printing. Want to sell Meng dress tender, want to reduce the age of easy, or printing the most power, let the girl heart anytime and anywhere to release.Read more at:bridesmaids dresses | cheap bridesmaid dresses


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