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The Vocal Range of Daron Malakian: E?2-D5(-E?6)

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Daron Malakian is the guitarist and vocalist from System of a Down. While Serj Tankian is clearly the frontman and the praised, unique voice of the band, Malakian himself also showcases his vocals in some songs. Whereas Tankian is high baritone, Malakian is tenor with style of cleaner but thinner high notes whereas Tankian showcases more versatility and power in his notes. Malakian isn't technically the best singer out there, and has his 'annoying moments', but he does have some great vocal moments in his career too. Still, it is evident that he has much weaker voice than Tankian. 1. 0:00 - Melancholic ending of "She's Like Heroin" with bottom note being C?3. 2. 0:13 - Easy C?3s from "Hungry Ghost". 3. 0:26 - "Cute Machines" with few strong C?3s. 4. 0:52 - Lots of C?3s and one C3 from "Babylon". 5. 1:18 - Low passage from "Lost in Hollywood" bottoming at subtle G?2. 6. 1:31 - Here Malakian does a strange non-modal scream which he slides down until he bottoms around G2, the song is a l


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